Yoshi Fans

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This is a little community dedicated to Yoshi fans, where yoshi artists and yoshi-based peoples can come together to share art or whatever about the loveable green reptile! Or even possibly anything related to him (including koopas, goombas, and other fun little Nintendo critters from games with yoshies, or dinosaurs!)

Founded by coralyoshi
If any problems are found, please send a note to the e-mail or leave a comment on that account! Thank you and have fun. :)

1.) Don't be a butthead. Other people have just as much right to join as you do!
2.) If you can't say something nice, it's probably best to not say anything at all and let the admins take care of it!
3.) All art and pictures must be links or behind an LJ-Cut! LJ-Cuts can be made by this code: <lj-cut> (image or thing behind the LJ cut here) </lj-cut>
4.) This is going to be a G/PG-rated community, so if you have anything with violence, blood, and gore, or anything of a sexual nature that could be considered above PG that you're sharing, put it behind an LJ Cut with an obvious warning! Not everyone will want to see it.

Anything else, please ask the admins. Thank you! ^_^